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Vacation Camping in Bromont

Discover the services we offer in our vacation camping site located near Bromont.

Feel free to inquire further about our services

Seasonal Sites in Bromont

We still have a few sites available for the 2023 season. Contact us by phone or email; a visit will enchant you... We offer a wide variety of seasonal site options.

Whether you prefer a sunny site, a shaded one, waterfront, absolute tranquility, or lively, tell us what will make you happy, and we'll find it for you.

All our seasonal sites offer three services in 30 amperes. Our role is to ensure your well-being, welcome your requests and feedback, and, above all, manage them well.

You are cordially invited to come and meet us and take a guided tour of the campsite. You will be able to experience the harmony and friendly atmosphere that prevails at Camping Vallée Bleue Resort.

We are ready to welcome you from May 1st until Thanksgiving of each year. Take advantage of our camping assistance service.

Vacations Camping Bromont

Vacation Sites in Bromont

You can choose a site with three services (30 amperes) on the waterfront or not in an area where tranquility is honored. We have two-service sites (15 amperes) available in shaded, semi-shaded, or sunny locations in a distinct area, the magical part of the camp, the maple grove.

This place envelops you with an extraordinary feeling, an unparalleled well-being, leaving you with unforgettable memories.

For vacationers who do not need services, a fantastic experience on our island will leave a unique memory in you. Several other serviceless sites are available in a peaceful environment very close or even in the heart of nature.

We will be pleased to welcome you with your furry little ones; check with us for acceptance conditions.

Camping Assistance Bromont
What we offer
  • Camping for vacations
  • Camping assistance
  • Nature station
  • Camping clothing
Our advantages
  • High-quality services and activities
  • Open 7 days a week

Our camping site is located in West Brome, not far from Bromont.


Treat yourself ! In addition to being very well located, Camping Vallée Bleue offers you various leisure, sports, activities, or relaxation options.

Ideal for sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, and individuals who appreciate calm and tranquility. Access to the lagoon pool and the beach is open to visitors for a fee adjusted to your request.

We welcome everyone, big and small, newborns, and people of respectable ages. You are all welcome !

Take home memories with camping clothing featuring our establishment's logo.

Nature Station Bromont

Lagoon Pool


Our Lagoon pool is now functional.

Rules and regulations for the lagoon pool

Vacations Camping Bromont

(These statements are based on current municipal and provincial regulations.)

  • Swimming costumes must be worn.
  • Not permitted: - street clothes; - cut-off jeans; - cycling shorts; - underwear; - J-Strings; - adults or children diapers.
  • It is compulsory to take a shower before swimming and a footbath at the entrance. 
  • It is forbidden to spit, urinate, blow one's nose or soil the water in any other way in a public pool.
  • It is forbidden to bring or consume food or drink in the pool area or in the pool.
  • No glass containers are to be brought onto the promenade or into the pool.
  • No running or shoving on the promenade or in the pool.
  • No one with a skin lesion, skin disease or contagious or infectious disease is permitted in the public pool.
  • In the event of an incident, bathers must be evacuated and access to the pool prohibited immediately, for as long as a safety check is required or there is a risk due to the presence of dangerous materials in the water or on the promenade or a circumstance that endangers safety.
Camping Assistance Bromont
  • It is forbidden to use the lagoon pool outside of opening hours.
  • Only children aged 5 years and over are allowed in the lagoon pool.
  • One responsible person for every three children aged 5 years and over. A responsible person is any person aged 18 years and over. Proof of age may be requested. • Children over 5 years of age are admitted, they must be accompanied by an adult who stays on site with them. The responsible person must be in the swimming pool at all times with a child under 12 years old. • Only children aged 0-7 years are allowed in the toilet room of the parent of the opposite sex.
  • Diving in the deep and shallow end of the pool is prohibited.
  • No toys or water objects are allowed in the enclosure or in the pool.
  • At all times, bathers must behave in a responsible and safe manner.
  • Any incident, no matter how small, must be reported to the person in charge before leaving the premises. 
Nature Station Bromont
  • It is forbidden for anyone who is under the influence of alcohol to enter the pool.
  • The pool management has full authority over the pool and its facilities and reserves the right to expel any person who violates one or more of the rules, interferes with the proper functioning of the program, affects the safety of other bathers and does not observe the rules of good manners, civility and politeness.
  • The wearing of shoes is prohibited on the promenade of the outdoor pools.
  • It is forbidden to scuba dive in the pool and to use a mask and snorkel.
  • Talking on mobile phones, using cameras of any kind or sound devices in the pool and on the promenade is prohibited. 
  • Smoking or vaping is prohibited in all areas.
  • Changing on the pool deck is prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to dive from the edge of the pool into the deep end.
  • Camping Vallée Bleue is not responsible for lost or stolen objects.
  • Any person not complying with these instructions may be expelled without refund of the entrance fee.

The management of Camping Vallée Bleue.
July 27, 2022

Watercraft Rental

We have watercraft available for rent, such as pedal boats, kayaks, paddleboards. Rental can be done by reservation to ensure the availability of the watercraft of your choice.

You can enjoy our water for an hour or more. Anyone sailing on the water must wear a life jacket. In the event that the individuals do not have a life jacket, with the rental of one hour for the watercraft of your choice, a life jacket will be provided to each individual.

Discover all the services we offer in our vacation camping site located near Bromont

Camping Assistance Bromont